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Friday, March 22, 2013

Urgent Need

Please, please please go read the Kacirek family blog. There is an urgent need to change their flight status to bring their new child home. When they got to where their child is currently located, they were shocked to find her current condition.

The problem? She cannot sit in an airline seat. If she is upright she is not able to breath well. She can handle a few minutes at a time, but certainly not 24+ hours of travel time to get home. She and one parent need to fly first class in one of the seats that will lie down nearly flat.  Please, if you can, go CLICK HERE to contribute to the Kacirek family fund so they can upgrade their seats. While there are other avenues to getting them the seats they need, paying for it outright is the fastest and easiest way.

Please help if you can!

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Luanne Lewis said...

the paypal link isn't working