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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cooking with Axel

Tonight was waffle night here, and I love to help! I love to help with pretty much anything, but if it's in the kitchen, I'm in heaven!

First I washed the strawberries.

Then cut the tops off. I was careful with the sharp knife!

Put them in the grinder to make sauce. Asher gets really excited when the grinder comes out because he knows his food goes in here. 

I poured it into the bowl.

Mom had the waffles ready. First I dished up Angela's

Then I dished up Asher's. See his face? He's not happy because he thought he was going to get ground up waffles. Nope, tonight he got waffle bites he had to chew. He ate it all gone.

Then it was my turn, but I was starving! I ate four waffles, 6 strawberries, and 6 sausage links. Then, just a little bit later I had a big bowl if ice-cream! I'm going to be a teenager in August and I'm getting ready! 


Kim said...

Axel is so super adorable (and handsome, of course). Besides being a fan of his life (and your family!), he just represents a future version of Charlie, hair color/style and all. Makes me excited for the future. Also, I was super impressed with his dexterity shown in the photos of the kids making birthday cards for dad. He was tracing the letters so accurately! Is that a strength for him, or developmental? Just curious. He certainly has years on Charlie in age, but Charlie has years on him when it comes to therapy and schooling, but Charlie is super, well, sloppy just yet. Love reading your posts.

Leah S. said...

Hi Kim! We are so proud of Axel. I cannot believe how far he's come. We were hoping to bring him back to Serbia with us to show him off a bit, but unfortunately it's not going to happen.

Axel's fine motor skills are intact! Meaning, his dexterity is at age level. He's just having to learn to do things other kids age did a long time ago because nobody showed him how. About two weeks after we brought him home, I wondered if he would be able to zip a coat. (starting the zipper himself, etc.) I spent NO MORE than 5 minutes showing him, and he was like, "Well why didn't you show me this before?" And from then on he was zipping everyone's coats. LOL

We had started to teach him to tie, and he was getting it but we realized he wouldn't be able to once he had his halo on so we stopped. As soon his halo came off and he could see his feet, he was pretty quick to learn to tie! Now we're working on him tightening his laces (all the way up the shoe, not the tying part) when they've gotten loose.

He is able to write all the letters of the alphabet, occasionally flipping around b/d/p/q but otherwise is doing fantastic. He can write very small, and is learning about fitting his printing into smaller spaces. He is able to draw the hands on a clock when working on telling time homework.

Honestly if Axel had been born here, I don't know that he would show any cognitive delay. As difficult as it is to watch, he has bypassed Angela in most areas. (which makes me feel as if Angela has lost skills. Maybe she has? I'm not sure.) It also makes me realize Angela needs to be pushed a bit more with some things, and there are others she will likely never do that I thought she would.

Ray Robinson said...

Wow! What a blessing. I can only imagine how exciting and surprising it is to watch it all unfold!

Hevel Cohen said...

Hi Axel,

Do you put anything else in your strawberry sauce or only the berries?