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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Boyz room, take TWO!

Last fall I redid the boys' bedroom, giving them some cool beds and creating more space. Then we decided to adopt again, and have been trying to figure out the sleeping arrangements. We have an empty spare bedroom so space wasn't a problem.

The real issue is not knowing the boy who's coming, and the fact he has spent his whole life sharing a room with 15 other kids. When we adopted Axel, he was 2 years out of the institution and had gotten used to sleeping alone. He had no problem having a room tho himself. Asher has never been on his own so I don't know how he'd do if he had a room all to himself.

Thinking maybe Axel would feel left out of the party if we moved him to the empty bedroom, we finally decided to put all three boys in one room. We looked at plans for triple bunk beds, and...well we looked at lots of different options. We ended up getting a second IKEA Kura bed.

Asher LOVES Axel's top bunk, so he's very happy to have his own now. Unfortunately his ladder is covered up so I'm going to add a set of steps for him to get up/down without climbing over his brother. ;-)

There is a fun little hiding place under Asher's bed. All the "younger" toys are in there.

 I'm still trying to decide if I'm moving some of the toys downstairs. Not all of our kids play well without direct supervision so if I  move it all downstairs, that means I'm spending more time down there as well.

 This will work for now. When we have had some time to get to know our new son we'll decide weather or not to make some changes. Angela is now bugging me for bedroom make over. She's about due, but I hate to cover up the pirates!!!

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Difference2This1 said...

Love the room!! You did a great job!!!