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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mish Mash

This is where I go through pictures from the past month or so to create something entertaining for you.

It is pretty obvious that Asher loves having a daddy to call  his own. Mom? Yeah, she's ok but the daddy belongs to him! 

When we got Axel two years ago we had his heart checked out. He had an enlarged aortic root, and we should come back in 2 years for a re-check. A couple months ago we noticed his color changing, particularly in his hands and feet. Since we're at that two year mark we had his follow-up echo this week. Everything looks perfect  now, so we don't have to go back for 5 years. The color changing? It's a DS thing. Angela does it too, only her hands turn reddish purple, not gray like Axel's. Mostly I think I just needed a diversion from worrying about adoption related stuff. 

Axel and Angela both have blocked tear ducts. Angela had stents put in years ago but she pulled them out after about two weeks. Anyway, they both needs stents now. He often comes home from school with his eye all read and swollen. By the next morning it's gone. I was hoping to get it done this month before we leave, but I couldn't get it scheduled. We'll get it scheduled when we get home, after we've checked to see if B needs it done too.

Asher at the therapy center.

Angela, who hates to color, decided she would teach Asher how it's done. 

Soon B will have someone to put him to sleep just like this!


Hevel Cohen said...

Regarding the colouring: there is a saying in Hungarym which comes down to, he who can: does. He, who cannot: teaches it.

Sanjay Kumar said...
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Kate said...

LOVE the pictures of Asher and his daddy. Truly beautiful.