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Friday, March 15, 2013

It's a Birthday!

If there's one thing our kids love, it's a birthday!

Angela knows the date of every birthday in our family, and possibly your family too. Today is Dean's birthday and Angela has been counting down for several weeks. She doesn't even keep her motive secret though. The whole purpose of knowing everyone else's birthday is so she can measure how close we are to her birthday!

The kids made cards for Dad.

It's been awhile, but Dean and I are going to try something we haven't done in ages. That's right, we're going OUT. With "grown ups". We're meeting up with Dean's twin brother Dave and wife Sandy. Dean made something from scratch for his brother.

A very happy birthday to the best friend a girl could ever ask for. Love you Babe!


Hevel Cohen said...

Happy birthday to Dean and Dave!

Becca said...

Happy birthday to Dean! Cracking up that Angela is just counting down to see how much closer she is to her own birthday...LOL Btw, that cake looks delish!

Melissa said...

Asher was intent on that card until he saw his reflection!Cute.

Imogen said...

Happy Birthday, Dean!

Hope you all have a lovely time at dinner.

Those cards look awesome!!