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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Gift Rule

Every year I struggle to buy gifts for the kids.

Angela: that girl is really tough to buy for. She doesn't care if it is $5 or $50. I just needs to be something she likes but it can be hard to know what she likes.

Axel: Probably the easiest kid ever to buy for. Put some magazines and catalogs in a box and he'll carry them around until next year. Wanna jazz it up a bit? Put some business cards in his stocking.

Asher: Yeah, he's pretty easy too! If it vibrates or is able to be dangled, (and really, anything can be dangled you know!) then life is good.

But, do I really want to buy magazines and danglers for the boys??? Somehow that doesn't seem right. But, I'm getting over that! When we're wanting to spend money on other things it seems like a no-brainer to buy what THEY like, no matter how "little" it seems to us.

So this year we have started buying by "The Four Gift Rule" which goes like this:

1) Something they want.
2) Something they need.
3) Something to wear.
4) Something to read.

Following this makes buying much easier, and I know each kid with be getting four things. Gotta keep things even Stevan you know! 

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The Sumulong 3 said...

I have always liked that rule--easy to follow and then fairly easy to shop for too. Can't wait to see what they get! Merry Christmas!