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Sunday, December 09, 2012

One year ago today

One year ago today, a tiny little 7 year old and I got off a plane at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International airport. It had been an eventful trip home (which you can read about here, and which will cause you to never use an airplane bathroom again. ) and I was so very glad to give my Dean, Angela and Axel hugs!!! Here's the disclaimer - and then video - I posted on that day not-so-long ago:
#1 Dean is still learning to work his camera
#2 Check back in a bit and the video should be rotated so you can watch it.
#3 Our flight was delayed a couple of times and Dean wasn't exactly sure when we were coming in. He was a little late getting to the airport and barely made it to the magic doors in time.
#4 Dean had to be videographer while also trying to meet his son for the first time.
#5 I was tired and possibly a little crabby.
#6 I was also hungry.
#7 Dean forgot you can't try to record AND interact with everyone at the same time, and that the back of someone's head is not very interesting.
#8 I debated not posting this video.
#9 I am not responsible for Angela's hair.

It has been a pretty incredible year for Asher. Axel had been in a foster home for 18 months before our adoption so there were many "firsts" he experienced with them. Asher...coming straight from an institution, oh my goodness. Where do you start? Seeing food prepared for the first time? Seeing a refrigerator full of food? Having a real tub bath? Having a tub bath with warm water? Riding in a car seat? An airplane? Walking down the street? Being barefoot indoors? All of these things in his first 24 hours out of the institution. 

There was a little boy named Lazar who I carried out of the institution.

That little boy stayed in Serbia. A boy named Asher came home with me....

and hasn't ever looked back.

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