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Monday, December 03, 2012


It's 1:30 a.m. and everyone is sleeping...except me. Apparently the nap I got with Asher today messed me up.

As I sit here in the darkness contemplating life, I just realized some things. I mean, I have known these things and have always been aware of them, but sometimes it just hits me again, the significance of what we've done. What GOD has done. For us. For our children. And I am in awe.

There are three kids in this house, sound asleep in their own beds.

Two years ago Angela was an only child. (well, not technically but she had been the only child at home for several years by that point.) Just think of all the ways her life changed when we brought Axel home! Angela really is a very good big sister. She has her moments when she gets annoyed with her brothers but in general she is very helpful and loving.

Two years ago Axel was living in a foster home in Serbia. He had foster parents and siblings who he loved. Imagine how his life has changed since we brought him home!

One year ago Asher was put to bed for the night in a room full of other children who had no parents. He spent his days avoiding the bully in the room. There was nobody to tuck him in with a kiss each night. Nobody to let him soak in the bat
htub until he was all wrinkled. Nobody to put him on a school bus each morning. Nobody to teach him how to communicate.

Two years ago Dean and I were spending A LOT of time playing. Riding our motorcycles, going to movies and out to dinner. We had every other weekend to ourselves and we used every moment of them for ourselves.

There is a boy sleeping on the top bunk in the boys' bedroom. Two years ago he head banged all night with a spinal cord that was unknowingly compromised. Now he can headband all night long and we don't have to worry.

If I am awake on a night like this two years from now, I wonder what changes will
have happened in our family?

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