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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Just a couple more days

The push to get Little P. home is almost to an end, but my friends there are still thousands of miles to go. The Chipin closes in just couple of days and we're still $2100 from our goal.

Do you remember the post I did a couple days ago, about eyes? Well, take a look at these eyes.

These eyes belong to a boy who has no idea his world is about to change. He will see things he can't even dream about yet.  He has never seen a Mama or Tata (the Serbian world for "daddy") and doesn't know they are trying to get to him. They are ready to cross an ocean for him. I cannot wait to see his eyes light up as he receives his first hug from HIS parents. As he his tucked into bed at night by HIS mama and tata, with kisses and love, in a bed to call his own, with pajamas that belong to him. Those eyes up're going to be a part of changing the world for those eyes.

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