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Friday, November 11, 2011

Cards for Any Moment

During one of our trips to Philadelphia for an Axel check up, we ran into problems at the Philly airport. One particular employee was incredibly helpful to us, and when it was time to part ways he gave me his business card. On the back he wrote his personal email address and asked me to please contact him; he wanted to hear our story. It turned out he'd done a few mission trips related to orphan care and was touched by Axel's story. I would have loved to hand him one of these:

A couple weeks ago as I was pulling into our clinic parking lot, a woman in another car tried to pull in at the same time, but my car was kinda in her way. If course, she would have noticed this if she hadn't been texting. She ended up parking next to me. I didn't say anything, but I would have liked to leave one of these on her windshield:

I want to put one of these on the refrigerator for myself AND the kids!

And something fun to put in the kids lunchbox for school:

Created by my good friends Tammy and her mom Ann, Cards For Any Moment has made giving a quick little message really fun! They have something for every occasion. Imagine having coffee with another mommy friend who is really having a tough day. You could leave something behind in her silverware drawer for her to find later!

There are so many times in life when Cards For Any Moment would come in handy! The size of a business card and just $0.29 each, you can carry several in your wallet or purse. Don't see something you'd like to have on hand? Cards for Any Moment can create one for you. From now until November 30th they're running a promo of 10% your purchase if you enter the promo code BTS011. If you "like" them on Facebook, you receive 5 free cards with your first order.  And, it just so happens from now until the end of the year, Cards For Any Moment will donate a percentage of their proceeds to help a certain little boy come home! Don't forget to visit their blog for tips and ideas!

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Hevel said...

Oh, I see a blog post coming up in my future! I'd really love some of these. :D