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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

11 months

In a few weeks Axel will be watching videos with people speaking Serbian in the background. They'll be videos of me with his new brother. I wonder what thoughts will go through his  mind?

The things he says now crack us up. Well, let me clarify a bit: About 90% of Axel's communication is in ASL, but his list of spoken words is slowly increasing. Since the beginning of September when Axel started school in the full-immersion ASL program his ability to express himself has exploded. While he still needs reminders to use more than single signs, when he gets those reminders he's pretty quick to give you more information. He now says Mooooooom a thousand times a day (post coming. LOL) and calls Angela "Agah" while he signs it. Here are some examples of recent things he's said/signed. Words in italics are signed only, words with red italics are signed and spoken together:

While sitting at the breakfast table:

"Agah hearing aids." (reminding her to put her hearing aids on.)
"Mom! Soon bus comes."
"Mom! Signing Time t.v. please."
"Papa! Tie shoes please."
"Mom! Tyler home!"
"Mom! Need bathroom. Poop."
"Agah. Watch." (demonstrates a sign that she has done incorrectly)
"Papa! Many many green chips. No red chips. Signing Time Me! Happy! Papa Happy!"

I'm sure you noticed the length of that last statement! Axel is working very hard to have good behavior at school so he can earn his beloved Signing Time, and that was the first day it "clicked" with him. He was just a LITTLE excited!

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