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Sunday, November 13, 2011

If you didn't see it

If you didn't see it on my other blog, Axel is having problems with his neck, and his surgeon thinks it's possible the hardware that was installed has come loose. He needs to have a CT scan done ASAP, but he needs anesthesia to do it. We will be trying to do it this week before he goes. His doctor called tonight to check on him. His neck is now sensitive to the touch. It LOOKS fine. There is no sign of infection or anything unusual around his scar, but he is clearly very sore. And, his neck feels hot to me. I think we'll be trying to get that CT scan done on Tuesday or Wednesday.


Cindy said...

Oh no. Poor guy. We'll be praying for him.

Laurie said...

hmm.... what other blog? I think I missed something! praying for him!

Leah S. said...

Laurie, my other blog is set to private at the moment. Thank you for checking though!

Laurie said...

ahh..... yes, i tried that blog and noticed it was private..... just thought maybe there was another one that I missed!