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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Headed to...?

I was doing some stuff outside when these two came traipsing past me. Wherever it was they were going was clearly very important!

Suddenly the leader said, "Follow me!" and they changed directions. 

Watch out people, she means business!

And he has a full load. Looks important!

They unloaded everything. 

Then the boss lady started dolling our directions. "You go over there, and I'll go over here."

A concert!  Right here in my front yard?? WHO KNEW?

Complete with dancers.

He wooed his audience...

While the dancers kept on dancing. 

The star of the show paused for a still shot.

It was over as suddenly as it started. It was a great concert, enjoyed by all. I hope another surprise concert happens again soon.

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LineMarie said...

Your kids are so awesome!!!
Way to go Axel and Angela!!