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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hey! Did you know a lot of schools are now using the Apple Ipad as communication devices for kids with DS, Autism, or other communication disorders? I've had several parents tell me they  have been using them at  home as well and are really liking the the versatility and variety of things you can do with this thing! We're really considering getting one for Angela for Christmas because of the writing programs, along with several other things. We're also considering getting one for our new son Axel who we're bringing home in December, and is non-verbal.

Since they're so handy for kids with disabilities, AND, we're coming into the final stretch before we bring Axel home, we're doing an an IPAD give away! Hop on over to our adoption blog to see how you can enter to win an Apple Ipad!

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aprilanecdotes said...

I am thinking of getting an Ipod Touch so my son with DS and diabetes can use it to track the carbohydrates that he eats! susan