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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


You may remember about my post about this little guy a few months ago.  I met him when I was in Europe last April. He is like a brother to Ianna. They have been together all day, every day, for the past three years. Every picture that I get of Ianna, they are together, and every picture that my friend Tammy gets of Scott has Ianna in it. But things are urgent for him right now........



They're not very big numbers, are they?

What about 3800? Is that a big number? In the scheme of things, not really. I've seen much bigger. But that $3800 is that last amount of money that is preventing us from bringing our boy home. That's it! That is all that is standing between us and a plane to Eastern Europe!

So where does the number 20 come in? That is the $20 people spend on Starbucks each week, or on McDonalds, the magazine subscription your niece was selling last week...or any number of things in life that, when they think about it, probably is really money they'd rather spend elsewhere. For us, that $20 is a life.

And what of the 190? If 190 people felt that they could spare $20, one little boy in Eastern Europe, who has spent his entire life living in an orphanage, will be spending Christmas home with his family where he belongs! Talk to your family, talk to your kids. Ask them if they think your family can spare $20 so that one little boy might know the joy of a mother, a father, a brother and a sister.

You can help us bring our son home by clicking on his button.

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