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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am a bad blogger

I'm a bad blogger, but I'm claiming a good excuse! It's because we're working really hard on adoption related stuff, and I can only be pulled so many directions at once! We are working on sharing some exciting news on our adoption blog. Hopefully Monday or Tuesday will be the Spill the Beans day!

In other news, Angela is has been busy with play rehearsals, and bowling practice. She has the Special Olympics area tournament this weekend, then next weekend is opening night for the school play. She has worked very hard at BOTH things, and we couldn't be  more proud of her!

Me? I've been busy wrapping up the homestudy. It's now been sent off to immigration for final approval, and...well..I have to zip my mouth from there.

I've also been busy raising these puppies, who are now 6 1/2 weeks old! Can you believe it? On Thursday they'll all go in to get spayed and neutered, (for those who get these confused, females get spayed, males get neutered.) then next week they go home to their new families.

And just in case you're wondering just how cute these puppies are, have a look!

Now, I am off to go clean up more puppy poop! Yay me!

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