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Thursday, August 19, 2010

What are your plans for the day?

No really, talk to me. I want to hear what other people do when they're not working, going to school, cleaning up dog poop, doing laundry, avoiding cooking, chasing after a kid who is talking to invisible people or gathering adoption documents.

Today I'm gathering or filling out adoption related documents. That means I'm also either writing out checks for copies of them, or handing over cash for them to get notarized. When that's done I'm going to set up the whelping box for Bella so she knows where to deposit her puppies when it's time.

Oh, and I'm gonna copy/paste this post on my adoption blog. 

So, what are you doing today?


Ellen Stumbo said...

Well, I went to the doctor with all three girls...all by myself! I have to say, Nichole is getting a little bit better following direction (but I still had to chase her while holding on to Nina, or her holding on to me for dear life, and Ellie right behind me. Yes, it must be comical to watch.)
This afternoon, I am making 4 meals, one for a friend, and 3 for us, I love having a few meal options in the freezer.
And, who knows, I might even talk to you tonight ;)

DownTownDan said...

I'm literally typing this on my smartphone while in the middle of a skydive. I'm at 12,000 feet and falling fast. When I land, I'll jump into my convertible and drive out to the beach. On the way, I'll check my secret spy computer hidden in the dashboard, just to see if I have received any updates from HQ. But likely I haven't, so I'll jump onto my yacht and have the crew take her out to my favorite diving spot. There's a reef I dive often. I'm actually hunting a shipwreck (I can't say which one, but it's an old Spanish galleon). I've found a few pieces of gold in the area, but have not yet hit the motherlode.

After I dive for a few hours, I'll eat a steak dinner on deck and watch the sunset. And then I'll probably just head up top to the small onboard helicopter and have Jasmine, my pilot, fly me back to civilization. Maybe catch up with a few other spy friends at a favorite watering hole, then home and in bed with my beautiful wife by 11.

Either that, or I'll just finish out my day here at work and go home and play with my kids for a few hours. Maybe watch Stewart and Colbert if I can stay awake. Or maybe just go to bed early. With my beautiful wife. My beautiful, exhausted wife who has spent all day being assaulted by two kids.


Leah said...

Ellen, I am NOT letting Dean read the comments to this post! Seriously, my lack of interest in cooking is my biggest fault as a wife. It is the thing that drives Dean the most crazy (in a bad way) about me, no doubt about it. I remember that I should make dinner at about...oh....6:30-ish. "Let's Dish" is my friend, but expensive. The two weeks I did it, we ate great! Now that I'm taking time off school I don't have the excuse to use them. No clue what to make tonight. Every day it's the same inner battle, "What do I hate to make the least that I didn't make yesterday?"

Dan: You should come hang out in the basement with Angela. You two would get along great!

Sheila said...

I want to hang out with Dan and Angela! Sounds more fun than cleaning the house, doing laundry, filling out documents for Masha's update (has it really been 6 months??!!!) and avoiding cooking! It's so nice to find someone who shares my loathing of cooking at last! (I do like to bake...mmmm- cookies...)