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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Angela likes to say "Mom, you're having "issues" here!" while using air quotes when she says the word issues. ROFL

Today's issue revolves around my car and the fact that the engine blew and I now need a new one. Like, a whole new engine. This is because next week we need to be writing out $5,000 worth of adoption related checks. It's a timing thing, or a Murphy's law thing, or ....or...or something. What it is, it's a bad thing, almost made worse by the fact I predicted it's coming two weeks ago when I made a comment to Dean. "We better not do X, because about the time we do that something horrid will happen, like a car dies or something, and God forbid we have to replace a car right now!"

See? I always know when things like this are right around the corner.

Tonight we borrowed Dean's parent's van so I'm not without a wheels tomorrow. I'm not sure yet what we're doing for Friday, but whatever it is, I can't be without a car. We haven't made a decision yet what we're doing about OUR car.  We're sleeping on it tonight, and will make some decisions in the morning.

Insert big fat sigh here. It's been a long day, with nothing getting done that should have.

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Kelley said...

Hi Leah, I don't know if you remember me but I'm still checking in with you guys everyday and praying for your adoption journey now too. I saw this blog post on another blog that made me think of you - (The best part is that I could find it again.)
I just wanted you to know I'm out here in blog land thinking of you. God Bless, Kelley