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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Can you help a school?

My friend Charissa's daughter attended a private christian preschool for children with special needs in Tulsa, Oklahoma called The Little Light House. Although it is a private school, it runs entirely on on donations, and the parents pay nothing to send their children there. It costs a lot of money to run a special needs preschool!

So I did some looking into this school. This is not just any school people! It was voted Oklahoma's #1 charity for 2010! It is considered a model program within a six state region! This school not only NEEDS $500,000, it DESERVES $500,000! Why do I say that specific number?

Well, every year Kohls runs a contest called Kohls Cares, where they donate $500,000 to 20 schools. The Little Light House is *very close* to the top 20 right now, but they need more votes! Would you take the time to vote? I know the voting power of my readers, because two years ago you voted me to the top 3 of contest to win a $100K blogging contract in less than 6 weeks when the contest had been running more than a year! So I know you can do this for the The Little Light House!

To vote, follow this link. (You do have to have a Facebook account to vote) When you get there, type in The Little Light House (make sure the words are separated, as there is another school with a similar name.) The location of the school is Tulsa, Oklahoma.

You can vote FIVE TIMES. Please use all your votes, then beg all your friends to vote, just like I'm begging you here! K???? Love you guys!

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