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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Interview Monday

On Monday evening Angela has her interview with the Minnesota Special Olympics committee person who will decide if she can compete in the World Games in Athens.

Guess what? THE MOM is not allowed to participate in this interview. Nope. Not one bit. Breathe in....breathe out...repeat.

She originally going to come to the house but I changed that and decided to have them meet at a Applebees. Angela will be shine brighter being out in the community. I will be out in my car posting on facebook.

Last night when I asked Angela what going to the Olymics, and Greece meant to her, she said, "I be on that TV show, and go far away...without you and Dean. YES!" (as in "score!")

Also on Monday morning she'll be meeting with a swimming instructor from Courage Center who specializes in working with people who've had brain injuries (Angela has had strokes) to see if he can help with her range of motion on her left side, particularly with her arm on her backstroke. Monday will be a busy day for her....and me since I'm the one with the drivers license! LOL


Lisa said...

How phenomenal for Angela. You are doing amazing things as a mom, Leah. Your legacy will be felt far and wide. I so hope you're printing your blogs out and compiling them...I see a book somewhere.

Julia said...

I think you ought to pay a friend to sit in the next booth and RECORD THE CONVERSATION!! If I wasn't heading across the ocean I would volunteer!! Too funny!

Becca said...

Exciting! I'm looking forward to hearing how it went. (I'll keep an eye on your FB posts tomorrow, LOL)