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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Application? Check! NEXT?

Angela's application for the World games is now on the desk of the Minnesota Special Olympics committee member who is responsible for doing whatever it is she does with them to get the submissions on to the next step in the selection process. I have NO idea how long that process takes.

Now I have three days left to study with the tutors, two days to study on my own, then it's algebra finals time. I need a 60% to pass the test, and a "C" in the class for the grade to count. I've never done so poorly in a class, and it's stressing me out!

Thanks to my good friend Nell for volunteering to take Angela for me tomorrow and Friday while I go work with the tutors. I'm not yet sure what I'm doing for Monday. The tutors aren't available, but a couple of my classmates and I were going to get together to study. I might just take Angela along with her Ipod, if they don't mind. Then Tuesday is the test and I have that time covered!

I think Wedsnesday I am deserving of Margaritas! Yes? But come Thursday my focus is on getting this house whipped into shape! I am behind on laundry and cleaning and we have a homestudy visit looming over us! Where's the Calgon? There is MUCH paper shredding to be done around here, much of which needs to be done by Dean because it's all his stuff, otherwise I'd just stick Angela in front of the shredder and let her have at it! There are school supplies to be purchased (thankfully, not a lot!) and well it's just time to get caught up, that's all.

Dean's new job is going really well, and he seems to be enjoying it. He has a lot of his old customers, so he's coming home smiling, which is always a good thing.

There are puppies due September 1st, which is always an exciting time! If you want to read about the fun times of puppyhood, you can read about that here. Yes...I dog blog too! I know, call me crazy.

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Anonymous said...

Don't stress about the homestudy visit. They come in, ask a bunch of clarifying questions of the information you already sent them and then double check to make sure you don't have a meth lab in the basement or a gaping hole in your roof. When they checked our house, the tour took less than 5 minutes. I had spend a week cleaning out closets and scraping out under beds and she didn't look at any of it. Just walked through saying "this a bedroom?" "this the family room?" "Gas or wood fireplace?" That was it.