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Monday, August 02, 2010

Keep'in up to Angela

Angela was at her dad's for the weekend, Dean and Tyler were frantically trying to finish painting the house, and I was trying to study for upcoming finals. (though I will admit, I didn't get much studying done.)

Angela's dad dropped her off last night saying she was really worn out from their weekend of carnivals, parades and heat. For our girl who doesn't sweat, the heat can do her in pretty quickly.

Apparently all she needed was to be home, and 15 minutes in the air conditioning. Because it wasn't long before she was on the move!

You'll notice there is a walkee talkee in her hand, and she has already stashed a beach bucket full of stolen "loot" in the playhouse. She's off to catch the perp now, and there's no time to stop for a picture!

She stopped to radio for back-up.

"Hey Angela, look at Mom a second." I wanted to get a picture, cuz she looked cute with her badge and stuff. All I got was this....
She was moving fast! It's times like this I wish we had a smaller yard, with fewer holes for me to trip in. I went down right after snapping this shot.

You can't see it in this shot (well, neither can I, for that matter!) but *someone* who shall remain invisible was getting handcuffed here!

OH NO!!! Something happened here and the bad guy has turned things around! Angela is now tied to the tree! Here she is saying (no kidding, for real she is saying...) "What da heck?" Because even the invisible people pull one over on HER sometimes too! Now I don't feel so bad.

Somehow she went from "good cop" to being the bad guy in jail. She wouldn't smile for me because bad guys don't smile in jail I guess.
This is one baby-faced criminal, I tell ya! Who would have ever thought she'd cause so much trouble in such a short period of time. And she hasn't even made it to 15 yet!


Julia said...

I love your girl!! I can't wait to see both girls in jail!!!

Tamara said...

lol - she's still likin' that bounty hunter stuff, eh? I'm never ever letting Shawen watch that one! And if they ever do meet, I'm frisking your girl for handcuffs first thing! :-) What a hoot. She's got invisible criminals; Shawen's got invisible money ...

Christine said...

How funny!