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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swimming progress

In just the last 3 weeks, Angela has made fantastic progress swimming! These videos are kind of long, since she insists on my recording her going BOTH directions for each stroke, so feel free to just watch part of them. LOL (like I would know otherwise. HA!)

In January she couldn't do the breast stroke, stalled out in the middle of the pool and was seconds from needing to be rescued! Now look at her go.

Freestlye: If you do watch her return lap, you'll see what happens to her stroke when she gets tired. Angela had a couple "neurological events" as an infant (strokes) that affect her left side. When she gets tired, her left side gets very uncoordinated, and she can't put the arms, kicking and breathing all together. Her return lap is a prime example.

For some reason her butterfly didn't record. I can't believe she's doing it now. I didn't think she'd ever really "get it", but not only IS she, but it looks pretty good. Now we're just mainly working on form.

Left to work on is her back stroke, because she doesn't get the whole "arms out of the water" thing, and in the supine position she can't keep her legs at the top of the water to kick. Also she'll start learning flip turns soon.

This kid amazes me every single day!

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Cathy said...

Wow Leah I’m completely amazed how far Angela has come, I remember watching her other video ,she did well then but look at her NOW!
Oh her way back with breaststroke she does what I do, get lower in the water cause we are exhausted, but also get better resistance (pulling the water)
Her freestyle is really coming along to. I cant believe you had paddles on her lol they are extremely had to use and tire out ya arms so fast. Good for building muscle ;-) I cant keep them on for too long at all.
Angela’s freestyle stroke is very much like my nieces, she also has very low tone, though she doesn’t have Ds.
Love, love, love watching Angela’s swimming video’s thanks so much for sharing. I cant wait to see her butterfly! I hae so much hope