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Friday, July 30, 2010


I'm not technically old enough to have grandbabies. Well, I AM...But...we don't need to be doing all this math, now, do we? Anyway, if you MUST know, I raised my stepsons from the time they were 3 & 5 years old. My oldest, Robbie, has 3 little girls, and they were in town this week. Man, do I love having little girls around! Especially since Angela, who grew up with four big brothers, is NOT girlie girl!

The newest baby is Kyleigh. She is a buddah baby! She looks just like her daddy, AND her mommy (who share similar features) Yeah, well she was NOT happy with this gramma holding her. I think there was about 15 minutes that I got to hold her that she wasn't VERY upset! (there are no pictures of that grand event!) But, she is still a beauty!

It's pictures like these that make me wish Dean and I had been able to have babies together.

This is Mahryah, and she's turning 5 in August. Mahryah is a blonde version of her daddy at the same age! And is she a spitfire. She's kind of a combination of her uncle Bryon, and there must be some of her mom in there somewhere. She had the biggest hug for Angela when the got here!

This is Teighlor (with an unhappy baby Kyleigh) and she just turned 4. Teighlor wants to stay with me forever, you know. ;-)

Then I remembered that I have my 25h high school reunion next week, and I should be bringing pictures to share, so I made everyone act happy and sit for pictures. I forgot to get Dean and I in them though, so there are no pictures of Dean and I with the family. That means I'm going to my reunion with a picture of some family which could belong to anyone, and nobody will believe they are mine. It also means if anyone else shows up without family pictures to pass around, I can share with them. Cuz I'm nice like that.

Only two of my 5 kids are missing! Noah and Bryon are nowhere to be found for pictures. But, there is room to photoshop them into this picture, I think! Since they didn't show up, I think I'll just put some naked baby pictures of them in here. That would serve them right, don't you think? Don't ask me what is up with Angela's hands. Her right hand is signing "I love you", her left? I think that's a DS gang sign she learned at camp.

No babies were hurt in the taking of these pictures.

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Kathie Brinkman said...

cute!!! I want to be a grama! but not too soon.