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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So last Friday Dean and I drove out to the Wisconsin Dells area to pick Angela up from Camp. (yes, she went to another Camp. It is my summer salvation!)

This particular camp is put on by the Easter Seals of Wisconsin, and it is her second year attending. If you are in the Twin Cities area of MN, (ok, if you are within driving distance....we drive 4 hours, and met another family that drives 8 from Kansas City!) and you have a child with ANY disability, you are missing out if you don't access this camp! They have lots of scholarships available, you only have to ask! They are FANTASTIC!!!! The camp is staffed 1:2 and campers are paired to other campers of similar ability levels and interests. Then those pairs spend the week with other groups. So you might have the "green group" that is made up of 12 pairs of campers.

Anyway, they do all the typical camp things at this camp. They also have a "bring a buddy" or "bring a sibling" program, and the buddy or sibling can be disabled or non-disabled. You might want to go read this post about Angela's plans for camp next year! (but bring a tissue with you!)

So the coolest thing happened at the end of Angela's camp session this year. The last night of camp, while the campers were enjoying their camp dance or something, the camp board of directors were having a board meeting which included some of their biggest financial supporters. You know, like the Lions, Elks Club, local businesses, etc. They chose one of the campers to come speak at the board meeting about their camp experience. Guess which darling camper they chose? Guess which darling camper told EVERY DETAIL about camp, and talked about driving "all the way from "Missisota" to come to "the best camp EVER" (don't worry Down syndrome camp people, she thinks yours is the best camp ever too!) Guess which camper got those checkbooks to come out!!!

Yes, that's my little camper!


Becca said...

Great job, Angela!! It sounds like a wonderful place, and with the donations she rustled up, it will probably keep getting even better!

Tamara said...

Awesome! Might have to look into that. I think Shawen would love a week away from us!

Anonymous said...