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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Da Funk

I am indefunk.

I think that's almost a dirty word, I'm pretty sure. It means that I'm having trouble keeping my head above water at the moment, but I'm not completely sure why. Well, yeah, live is sorta stressful at the moment. I mean, we're *trying* to do an adoption, we just had a major holiday in which I cried more than I care to admit (every time making an excuse to get something out of the car, digging in the back end of it so others wouldn't see) and Dean just lost his job. Things happen.

We hopefully have a litter of puppies on the way, and people coming to meet dogs this weekend. It's been two years since we've had a full litter of puppies here (we had a singleton here last year, which is quite unusual, and actually more work than an entire litter since I had to teach him what he would have learned from his littermates!) So we're looking forward to that. And we're also working on getting some projects done around the house that Dean was having trouble finding the time to do. There are small blessings to be found in the layoff, I guess!

I just finished a class that I really struggled with, and finished just 2 points short of an A. UGH! Which was very frustrating to me. On the other hand, I got my ACT scores back and I scored a 26, which really surprised me. Now if only I could get into the key classes I want. I have to take my Algebra mid-terms next week, and THAT will be my most difficult class I've taken all year!!! That one will require all kinds of prayer and intercession! LOL

I think my blog is long overdue for a Q & A! So, who's game? What kinds of questions do you have for me? Since I have puppies due soon, and this is the time of year people are often thinking of adding a puppy to their family, do you have puppy related questions to ask? What about other non-dog related questions?

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