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Thursday, January 21, 2010

What can you do?

Today I looked at the calendar. In just a very few short weeks, Shelley and I will be leaving for Bulgaria. We'll be picking up her new son Kullen, and spending the week with the parents of Bulgaria.

What will we have for them?

We have six HUGE suitcases. We hope to bring them filled to capacity. Looking at our wish list, and then at the empty suitcases, this seems like a daunting task.

Can we do it? Shelley and I cannot do it. We are only two people, and this is bigger than us.

Then I look around me, at the DS community. I think of the young girl a few weeks ago who, in one week, was able to raise $20,000 so her parents could save an orphan with DS. One week, that's all it took! How did she do it? She asked everyone to post on their blogs. She asked everyone in the DS community, or who read about it somewhere, to give just one time. That's ALL IT TOOK!!!!

If every family in the DS community purchased ONE item off our wish list, or donated $10.00, we would be able to serve not only those families in Bulgaria, but across Eastern Europe! Think of the amazing changes that would happen in society there! Children with DS playing in the local parks, just like here in the US. Children with DS going to school with their peers, getting the services they deserve.



And it's easy! Go to the website and click on the "donate" button. Or, go to the Wish List and purchase just ONE item from the list. You can even have it shipped directly to the address on the website so you don't have to mess with it. It's THAT EASY!

There is one more way you can help. Post about Connecting the Rainbow on your blogs and on your Facebook page, and in the online communities you frequent. Don't forget to ask everyone who reads it to post it on their blogs too! Its going to take ALL OF US! Yes, supporting those who are adopting is a wonderful thing. We also need to think of the bigger picture....Preventing children with DS from needing new families in the first place.


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Lund7 said...

I wish I could go with you! My girls and I have fallen in love with a little girl from I need to convince Rich!

stephanie garcia said...

Leah, thank you for praying for Ian! I deleted the post because I realized I could get "live" feedback on Facebook, some good advice. He seems to be doing better now!

gillian said...

Awesome! I am so in...let me get through this Moyamoya *stuff* and I want to help!

datri said...

Just ordered a few things from the Amazon gift list. What a wonderful project!