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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Remember the essay?

Do you remember my post a couple weeks ago about my Composition class, and the excessively long essay I wrote IN CLASS? Well, my professor finally gave it back to me yesterday. We were given 1/2 hr to write about a topic she chose for us. We were told this was to get an idea where we are at with grammar and structure, so I expected that when I got it back there would be some notes on it or something. Nope! Nothing! Not one pen mark from her. Anyway, here's what I wrote; no edits. So basically it's a first draft of something that I would normally re-write 75 times before turning it in! LOL

The Best Day of My Life

The best day of my life was one of those bitter-sweet moments. It was a moment that others may have cried about while those in my family celebrated.

In February 2008, my then 11 year old daughter was granted a Make A Wish trip. A lot of people have the mistaken understanding that a Wish is only for children who are dying, when really they are for children who are terminally ill or who have battled life threatening medical problems.

I wasn't aware that my daughter's doctor had submitted her name to the Make A Wish Foundation of Minnesota; until I received a letter from the foundation stating Angela was eligible for a Wish. As I stood at the mailbox looking at the return address on the envelope, tears began to run down my cheeks. I opened envelope and read, "We are pleased to inform you your child has been chose to make a wish..."

"Pleased"? How could they be "pleased" by that? I was not "pleased" one little bit!

I called our doctor, angry that she hadn't told me she'd contacted the. I was also angry that she hadn't told me my child was dying.

"Leah," she said, "Angela isn't dying. This wish isn't being granted because her fight is over! It's being granted because she has survived! This is a celebration of her life, and that she's still here with you."

A few weeks later, after Angela had chosen her wish, and all the arrangements had been made, we were left to spend weeks anticipating her big day. On the day of our departure to Angela's wish destination, a black stretch limousine arrived in our driveway. Angela had always dreamed of riding in a limo! We'd kept her busy in the basement when we knew it was due to arrive, and when the driver knocked on the door we had her answer it. As she opened the door and said hello to the driver, she noticed the limo behind him. Across her face appeared the biggest smile I've ever seen!

It was at that very moment, watching her eyes sparkle with excitement and wonder, that I realized this was, indeed, a celebration of life; a testament to my child's strong will and determination! All the years of fighting her medical battles, and our family's struggle to manage the unimaginable stress. I thought of all the times we were told she had "taken a turn for the worse", a yet here she stood, glowing on the doorstep.

Yes, that day will forever be the best day of my life.

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