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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Recovering from Bloggers Block

Wow, I've been speechless for days. Highly unusual for me! I have pictures in my camera, and stories to tell, just not sure where to start. Maybe I should practice those "free writing" skills I've learned?

Angela is doing much better since her surgery. She seems mostly back to herself. I say "mostly" because she's still not eating well. I'm pretty sure it's due to her new seizure meds, as she seems to be swallowing ok. A sputter here and there, but otherwise all seems good! Anyway, she has lost 6 pounds since we got back from Boston. Since she was carrying around a little extra, she can loose another 5 and still be in good shape. Right now, on the DS growth chart, she's at the 50th % for height, and just under the 75th % for weight. She does have a little more muscle (particularly in her shoulders from all that swimming) than some kids with DS. I do have to say though, it's nice to see her pot belly disappearing a little bit.

Angela also started floor hockey right before the holidays. She's LOVING IT!!!! She doesn't talk about school anymore, just floor hockey. LOL She practices every day after school and doesn't get home until 5:00, which makes for a very long day for her, but so far she seems to be handling it well! Her first game is next week, and she can hardly wait. I have to be honest, neither can I! Her excitement is contagious.

Before the holidays I found out that my school schedule was going to interfere with going to Angela's floor hockey games. Then, at the last second, I (thought) was able to change my schedule, only to find out on that the change didn't go through because the class I wanted was full. I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Until 2:00 this morning! I was on my school website looking for something, and on a whim decided to check the school schedule again, and there was a class I'd never seen before. The same one I need, but different times. It's a consolidated class, so a semester covered in 7 weeks, and then the next class in the series takes the second 1/2 of the semester in the same time slot! I called right away this morning, and was told they'd *just* added those classes to the schedule last night! I'm so excited!!!! Not only does this mean I can (once again) make Angela's games, but I'm getting two classes completed in one semester instead of two! WHOO HOO! (please, when I'm freaking out about assignment deadlines, remind me how excited I was to cram all these classes into one semester. LOL ) So, 12 credits for this semester. Should be a piece of cake, huh?

Alright, time for me to close up shop here. Zurri (the standard poodle) is trying to take all of Angela's zhu zhu hamsters in hopes of disemboweling them!

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