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Friday, January 08, 2010

Stating my opinion

After speaking with an attorney about the definitions of Libel and Slander, I'm now comfortable stating my opinion about the assault that happened against Angela in November, 2007.

After a police investigation conducted by the Eagan Police Department, and an investigation conducted by the Minnesota Department of Education, it was found that Lynn Marie Boker Schultz, while working as a substitute paraprofessional for district ***, committed an act of malicious Maltreatment against my daughter.

It is my opinion, that Lynn Marie Boker Schultz has no business working with students or vulnerable individuals in ANY capacity. She has demonstrated that she does not have the self control necessary needed to work with individuals who can often be unpredictable, and who are often not able to speak up for themselves to report that something might have happened to them, and who cannot physically defend themselves. It is my opinion, that if Lynn Marie Boker Schultz will assault a child in front of a classroom full of students, she has no self control. It is also my opinion that putting a student who cannot speak for themselves, behind closed doors, in the care of Lynn Marie Boker Schultz is putting the vulnerable individual at great risk of harm.


Monica said...

scary to think that she is still working in this field!!

diamondsjrne1 said...

now YOUVE gone too far. not a good look.

Leah said...

And what have I gone too far with, Diamondsjrne1? Stating an opinion, based on facts, documented by several agencies and witnesses? Or, is there something I'm missing?

tonia said...

I don't think you've gone to far.
If it was one of my children I would have wanted people to know. We have to protect not only our children but others if we can.

Mellissa said...

You have sooo NOT gone too far! As parents it is our primary responsibilty to protect our children. When one of us has information about a person who has a history of hurting children and there are facts (as there are in this instance) to back it up it is *imperative* that we share that information. I live in Eagan, MN and am grateful that you are sharing this information. Thank you!