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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Narrowing the choices

Well, the University of Minnesota is out as for as the esophageal manometry goes. Our choices are now Milwaukee, CHOP (children's hospital of Philadelphia) Boston, and Cincinnati. Between our regular pediatrician and the dr. at Mayo they'll be making the decision on which is the best place to send Angela to. According to them, "Angela's case is very unique, not to mention complicated, and she needs to go to the place that not only does the most manometry, but has seen the most unusual cases."

I'm voting for Boston or CHOP, since I know people at those places and can make it a fun time!


datri said...

Hey, if you end up at CHOP, let me know! Philly's a day trip for us.

Tamara said...

Good luck! I'm not anywhere near any of them, but you know you're always welcome here if you ever end up heading for St. Louis -

Artie's Mom said...

I am sort of cross posting here. First off, I am glad they are taking everything into consideration. Let us know which way you go and when. Artie will be in Philly the week of September 3rd.
On the pancakes...I do waffles for Artie, but because he cant swallow them I have to process them to wet ground. They get thick very quick even when you add milk. If Angela eats that be sure to follow with lots of fluid! I mean pancakes and waffles thicken within seconds!