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Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of July

Angela went to her dad's for the 4th of July weekend, so Dean and I did some playing ourselves. First we went to the Taste of Minnesota. As always, before we go somewhere on the bikes we check the radar, and all was clear. But shortly after arriving at The Taste, a storm blew up. Before we could get to our bikes and get out of dodge, it started P.O.U.R.I.N.G. This is how you get to know your fellow Minnesotans REALLY WELL! You cram a couple hundred of you together under a walkway bridge to get out of the rain! ROFL

This is what a herd of wet Minnesotans look like!

Everyone thought it was pretty funny when I held my camera up in the air and hollered "Smile everybody!" I wonder if they had a clue they'd be plastered on my blog? LOL

Then we took some obligatory pictures just to prove I really do have other kids! Well, at least one on this day. Here's Tyler and Dean. By the way, Tyler is doing SO WELL in treatment! He's gained about 20 much needed pounds, and seems very happy. Now, if only he could find a job. It's certainly not due to lack of trying! There are just no jobs around where he's living, and he can't move. Please pray he can find a job! 

Here's Tyler and me. When did my boy get so tall? I look a lot like a wet rat in this one. LOL Felt like one too!

Self portrait of Dean and I. Don't you love how these make your chins multiply exponentially?

As we were getting ready to ride home (had to get a nap in before fireworks!) Dean snapped a picture of my by the bikes.


Monica said...

looks like you had fun despite the rain!! I'm so happy Tyler is doing so good!!! You must be very proud! We'll be praying!!

Molly C said...

I hear you on the height thing! I'm 5'2 and my younger brother is just under 6'. I still look at him and wonder how he got so tall!

Alyssa said...