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Friday, July 10, 2009

How smart is YOUR dog?

 Because Dudley and Holly are retrievers, they feel the need to bring me a present whenever I come in the door. They usually bring me shoes, but they will bring whatever they can find in a hurry. "Oh look! Here is mom's bra! Surely she'll want this."  or how about, "Oh! Dad left this beer can here, I'll bring it to him!" Often, when they bring me shoes, Dudley and Holly will bring me a matched pair, each carrying one shoe.

But this day, Dudley decided to beat Holly to it, and brought me the pair himself! Since my shoes are usually scattered all over (because there is a house full of dogs carrying them around!) he had to look to find the pair! What do you think, is it a $10,000 contender? 

And, just for fun, here's the scene in our living room tonight! You're welcome to count them, but DON'T ASK QUESTIONS!!!!!!! LOL

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