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Thursday, July 30, 2009

it's boring around here!

Not much new and excited to post about here. We're waiting for the state to give us approval to travel out of state for medical care. It involves lots of correspondence between our doctors at Mayo, doctors here in MN, and the doctor in Boston. I'm not sure how long they have to give us a decision, but I'm guessing by August 15th, or so. That means we'll end up scheduling into October. Shoot!

In other news, I'll kind of be offline for a few's possible weeks, but I doubt it. LOL I'm having major surgery on August 7th. And, while I'll be recuperating in the recliner in the living room, there won't be a whole lot to tell! Angela will be going with her dad for a week in the semi (this is the 2 year mark for the big crash) She leaves the day before my surgery and comes home the following week. Then, since Dean has to go back to work,  I have a PCA staying with us for several days to run Angela around to all her stuff, and generally keep her from harassing me, and body slamming me like she does in her exuberance to give me hugs! Angela can hardly wait for me to have surgery, since it's her opportunity to play nurse for REAL! LOL

In the dog world, we're expecting A PUPPY on September 1st. (yes, that's just 3 weeks after my surgery.)  Notice I did not say "a litter of puppies", because that would be too good to be true. No, instead our Zurri, as far as the ultrasound can tell, is only expecting ONE. Some might say, "Well, at least there won't be much work involved!" Which is so not true! First, in large breeds, a singleton usually gets too big, resulting in a c-section. Can you count up to $3,000?  Then, one puppy is MORE work than a litter, because you have to teach him the things his litter mates would normally teach him. I become puppy preschool. The things that ARE easier is clean up! One puppy doesn't make anywhere NEAR the mess that 8, 10, or 14 puppies do! LOL We're hoping the ultrasound was just on the early end so we weren't able to visualize more puppies yet. We have had them done on other dogs, only seen 4 or 5, and then had a HUGE litter. So we're praying! We at least need a number to cover the expenses (and avoid a c-section) And, the profit from the litter was going to pay my trip to Bulgaria. So...6 puppies would be a minimum that we need. (Did you happen to hear that, God? S.I.X. Not that I'm making demands or anything!)

What else....hmmm.....We have a BIG family reunion coming  up very shortly. This will be the last one on my dad's side. At 73, he's 3rd youngest of 11. Out of all those kids, 9 are still living. He lost one brother as a teenager, and my aunt Mayme died 3 years ago. The oldest sister, Rubee is 98 (I think?) and still going strong. Anyway, it will be good to see relatives I haven't seen since Angela was 8 weeks old!

I have been getting emails about my other blog, as it's now set to private. You'll have to contact me with your email address if you want access to it. You can contact me at deanleah at comcast dot net.

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