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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Totally Tuesday

Today was a MUCH better day for Angela! She woke up on her own, and came out to the kitchen where I was making breakfast. She wrapped her arms around me in a big sleepy hug and "Good morning. I yuff you mom." That just about makes up for all the rotten mornings!

She ate breakfast, got dressed, teeth and hair brushed, and was out the door in 25 minutes, smiling all the way! That's how her mornings USUALLY go!

According to the note I got in her planner, school was great as well, and she got to feed Bert the Iguana his crickets. (eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww) After school she was invited to her friend Adam's house to play.

When Adam's mom brought her home, Adam was very sad she wasn't going swimming with him. He came to my door with big crocodile tears, and I just wanted to wrap my arms around him. Angela adores Adam, and when he left she said, "I'm sad Adam has tears. I love Adam."

She was a little disappointed tonight though. The reason we didn't go swimming is because it's Tyler's birthday and he was supposed to be coming over for cake. Unfortunately he was a bit inconsiderate and forgets how much his sister DEPENDS on everyone following through, and he ended up going to work instead. (his choice, he wasn't required to go.) I made him PROMISE he'd be here tomorrow night! Of course, it messed up our plans for today AND tomorrow, but Angela really wants to see her brother, and I'm busy with the play the rest of the week. Oh well, such is life.

I did get Dudley groomed today! I usually do most of our grooming myself, but lately, being really busy with with the play, I've gotten WAY behind and Dudley was an embarrassing mess. I know he didn't feel very good about the himself either. Even his beard smelled, making Dean and I unwilling to pet him very long. I feel horrible that I let him get to this condition! Well, a few weeks ago I made a new friend who is a groomer, so we're trading grooming services for training services. She's showing me some things that I needed to learn as far as grooming goes, and I'm helping her with one of her dogs that has developed some annoying habits they're not sure how to deal with. And, most importantly, Dudley came home clean, matt-free, and happy!

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a local college, as I explore my options for going back to school. You know, at 41 years old I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. LOL Right now I'm looking at the Sonography Technician program. (AKA Ultrasound tech) with my focus on maternal fetal sonography. This does need some prayer though! The program I'm trying to get into is highly competitive! They'll be looking at my previous GPA's. High school's is hopefully obsolete, because 25 years ago I was a different person, and graduated at the bottom of my class. But, three years later when I went to interpreter training I had a GPA of 3.9! Also, since I never took that ACT's, I'll have to take an entrance exam, and only the top 20 scores (plus qualifying GPA) will get into the program. UGH! The reading and writing I'll be fine with, it's the math portion of the test that will do me in. Tomorrow I'll take a practice test, then I have to take the real one by March 15th. By April 1st I'll find out if I've been accepted for the Sept. 2009 start date, and can begin the process of applying for financial aid.

So, what do you want to be when YOU grow up????

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