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Friday, December 05, 2008

Theater Ghosts

Did you know that all old theaters have ghosts? No, really, it's true! Last night the ghost at the Main Street Stage in Anoka was up to no good! There were all kinds of weird things happening during the performance last night. Props falling. Piano key's being plunked when there was no piano around. WEIRD stuff!

Just before intermission I take Roman out to pee. When we come back in we come down a flight of stairs into the shop (where all the sets are built) This shop leads into the backstage area, and all sounds from the shop feed right out the audience.

So, we're coming back in, walking down the steps with Roman ahead of me. On the very last step SOMETHING tripped me. It wasn't my long skirt. It wasn't Roman. It was more like someone stuck their foot out in front of me. I went flying forward, landing against a huge table saw, which made a big noise as it scraped on the floor a couple inches before running into a cabinet. THANKFULLY Roman had been a little slow outside, and Act 1 was over and the houselights were up. That means the audience was noisy so they wouldn't have been able to hear the noise from backstage. Anyway, several cast members came running from the green room to see who fell, or what the big noise was. I wasn't hurt or anything, it was just weird.

Now, this doesn't seem like a big deal, I know. It was just that incident combined with the 10 other things that happened during the show that were weird! I don't think any of it was noticeable to the audience, but it sure was to us cast members!

Including tonight we have 7 performances done, and 15 performances left. I'm already tired. LOL

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