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Monday, June 30, 2008

To cancel or not to cancel

That is the question.
UGH, I'm so frustrated! Because I am owed several thousand dollars, which was supposed to come in monthly installments over the past several months but hasn't, I have to decide if I'm canceling my trip.

Today I paid the household bills, which leaves me a couple hundred dollars to get through the rest of this week. The money I have left set aside is just enough for gas and hotel for the week. Which is fine, unless of course I decided to EAT while I'm gone! And when you go on a motorcycle trip, just like a car, you still keep a cushion aside just in case there were any emergency repairs that need to be made, etc.

God always makes sure I have what I need. He ALWAYS does! If the money doesn't come in this week I'll know this trip just wasn't meant to be, which is hard to swallow when you've been planning for so long. And so I'll wait on Him.....patiently.....sigh....I really want to say, "Tick Tock God!!!"

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