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Monday, June 23, 2008

6 things you want to know about me

My friend Alyssa tagged me with a "6 things you want to know about me meme". Ok, so here they are:

1) I used to be painfully shy in high school. No...really...
2) I am scared to death of water. I will swim if I have to, and can even tread water. I just don't go under....ever. Funny though, that I want to put in a pool.
3) When Dean is out of town all the dogs sleep with me. Freaks me out if they bark though!
4) I have 4 siblings, but was only raised with 2 of them. YOU figure it out. If you know the story, don't cheat and tell.
5) I have a tic disorder. Certain articles of clothing set off one of my tics (which happens to be my worst and most noticeable one), so I avoid that certain article as much as possible, and buy clothing accordingly. If I don't wear that item I can hide my tics.
6) I joined the Army at the age of 17, and was in until I had Tyler 4 years later, and was discharged from IRR right as my unit was leaving for Desert Storm in 1990.

Ok, so now I'm tagging Kathy, Karen, and Kathy


Karen said...

How strange that an article of clothing can set off tics! I hope it's not an essential item...

Leah said...

Yeah, it's a tic that I have, but can control it, but if this particular item of clothing is touching my skin, I can't stand it! Drives me crazy and is very visible. (the tic, not the clothing.)

Kathie Brinkman said...
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