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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Got Talent?

I have to say, this kid has more guts and determination than most adults I know! A couple weeks ago each student who wanted to participated in their grade-level talent show. There were about 15-20 kids who did the 5th grade show, Angela being one of them.

A couple days later it was announced over the loud speaker who the 6 winners from each grade were, and Angela was one of the 5th grade winners! They would each perform at the ALL SCHOOL talent show on the very last day of school, which was today.

But Angela started getting sick. She had her birthday sleepover on Friday then went to her dad's where she slept until Sunday afternoon. The child who rarely cries was in a fit of tears on the couch, she was so miserable. Itchy, watery eyes, dripping really bad allergy stuff. I put her to bed and in the morning she woke up spunky and ready for school! Monday was ok, Tuesday was not-so-much (when she's getting sick her behavior is horrid!) Weds we had the practice for the talent show, and decided to simplify her act a bit.

Meanwhile, between not feeling 100% AND having HUGE anxiety problems about the end of the school year, loosing her teachers, going to a new school (moving up to middle school) AND anticipation of the talent has NOT been a very good week!

And then came today. The last day of school, and the day of the talent show. I wondered how she'd be feeling when she got up. She didn't seem too bad, but MAN was she crabby!!! OMG....every swear word she knows was flying out of that little mouth of hers, all before *my* eyes were even open! She had picked out some clothes (stripes of course) but she is going through HUGE growth spurts and I have rules for her clothes. No tummy showing, no butt crack showing, must wear a bra (she can't quite get them on herself) yada yada yada. Apparently there weren't any stripes in her drawer that fit my criteria and it was irritating her.

Eventually we got out the door (late, which makes her crabby to be rushed along when SHE got up in plenty of time, it was MOM that was late!) and on the way to school she's saying, "Fine! No show! FINE!" and I'm thinking Lovely...just lovely.

Her turn finally rolled around, and as I handed her Dudley's leash, I realized she either had a fever and a really bad case of the chills, or she was super nervous and trembling. I asked, "Are you cold or nervous?"

"I'm SO NERVOUS!" she said, and I thought she would cry. When she went up on stage, she was flustered. It was about that time, as the music started, that I....horrible mother that I am....realized she wasn't wearing her hearing aids, and couldn't hear the beginning of her music. From there she had a hard time catching up to it.

But she did it. Croaky sick voice and all, she did her whole song, remembered to introduce herself and the dog, AND tell the stage lady that she was ready to start. She even got Dudley to take a bow at the end.

When I was done recording her act, I turned around to see all the moms I know crying, and all the staff wiping tears, and Angela's aids were about beside themselves. I knew all along that she could do this, but they didn't....they had no idea...and again, Angela shatters the misconceptions.

And so, here's the video. I wanted to tell the lady to start the music over, but I didn't. I did NOT want to be the stage mom and step in. I let her go it alone. After this I had to go say goodbye to all her staff that have been so wonderful to her since we moved here in 2nd grade with a kid on death's door. You'd never know to look at her now.
(for those on reader, there's a video here.)

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Kathy said...

WTG, Angela!! great job, and what a cute dog! Sorry you weren't feeling so hot, I hope you're better. Have a great summer.

kathy & PJ