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Friday, June 06, 2008

It's My Birthday! (by Angela)

Big yawn.....stretch....rub my nose...

Oh my gosh, it's morning! Today is Friday! It's June 6th, my birthday! Yep, my birthday today! Oh my gosh!

I get dressed FAST! These pants? Nope, too tight. I'm not liking those tight pants. These pants? Nope, that button. I'm not liking that button. These pants? They're black. Perfect. They fit perfect. I look in the mirror. My socks are there, Mom says that's too short. I say perfect!

Get my shirt. Mom says no tummy showing. Red shirt. What? No stripes in my drawer? UGH!!!!!!! That's ok, I just want to get to school. It's my birthday at school too! Red shirt is perfect, even if no stripes.

I go in the hall, and open Mom's door. She's sleeping. Snoring. HAHA Mom is snoring! Shhhh be very quiet so Mom doesn't wake up. I'm dressed for school, time to go! Wait, eat breakfast first!

Open the fridge...hhmmm....Maybe pickles? No, that's not breakfast. I know, peanut butter toast, and an orange. Oranges are hard to peel. Tyler will do it for me. I go downstairs, open Tyler's door. He's sleeping too. "Tyler, will you peel this orange for me?" He did! He didn't even open his eyes. Thanks Ty!

Breakfast tastes good. Time to brush my teeth, and my hair. Done! I'm all set for school. Get my jacket on, and my shoes, and my backpack. Bye Mom! By Ty! Ohhhh It's dark out here. Kind of scary. It's not supposed to be dark when I go to the bus. Oh well.

Today is my birthday! I can't wait to get to school!

Note from Mom: I was woken up at 6:00 this morning by the slamming of the front door. I looked out the window but saw nothing. I threw on some clothes and ran to the door, noticing that Angela's shoes were gone. I ran outside and there stood Angela, in the semi darkness, waiting for her bus. The one that won't come for another 3 hours. I walked down the driveway and told her to come in the house, that she was too early for the bus. "Besides, you need to eat, and brush your teeth and hair and all that stuff. I see you found your clothes. Good job. You're sure excited for school today huh?"

"I did! I did brush my hair. I did brush my teeth. I did eat breakfast! I'm all set!"

Sure enough, I can tell by the toothpaste on her mouth that she did do her teeth. And embedded in that toothpaste are crumbs and bits of orange, so I know she ate breakfast. (though I didn't know we had oranges. Hmmmm) I can also see that the front and sides of her hair is brushed. She's dressed in matching clothes (though the pants are a little on the short side, at least she doesn't have plumber butt in them.) Now we just have to work a little more on that telling time thing. She can tell time, but doesn't understand that things don't happen UNTIL a certain time, and that just because you're ready for them doesn't mean they will happen sooner.

Twelve years old. So much more independent, even from a year ago. So grown up (in all kinds of ways Shocked ) and ready to take on the world!


Kathie Brinkman said...

Happy Birthday Angela! Wishing you all good things this year!

Alyssa said...

Happy Birthday Angela!!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGELA!!!!! Hope your day was GREAT!