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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Downward Spiral?

I feel like we're on a downward spiral with Angela's health again. A couple 3 weeks ago I noticed her hair was starting to fall out. I mean...handfuls at a time. I immediately suspected her thyroid is malfunctioning, but decided to do a "wait and see" for a few days until we got back from our trip and the family party was out of the way. On the trip my sister said she looked "puffy", and then her skin started getting scaly. All symptoms of thyroid problems. If that's what it is, it's a pretty easy fix, just one more pill to her already established daily pill regimen.

Right before we went "Up North" Angela started to get sick, of the sinus variety. The day before we left I got her on antibiotics knowing it would turn bad while we were gone. Her nose cleared up, but the rest of her did not. A couple hours ago she came home from her dad's with a horrible cough that sounds like it's of the pneumonia variety. He picked her up on Saturday morning and said she fell asleep in the truck, then slept the rest of the day, and most of today as well. She doesn't sleep like that here! Granted she had a busy couple of days with the state track meet, etc. but she wasn't "over done." She always gets sick when she goes with her dad. Lately they've been staying with his mom, and both he and his mom are heavy smokers. Angela can't be around that smoke and I've about had it.

So, at the end of last week, as I was rushing around cleaning for this party, (thank God that's over with!) I kept thinking I needed to call and schedule an appointment for her with the dr. Funny...the doctor called ME on Friday to say that Angela needs a recheck before her meds can be refilled again, and also her 12 yr check-up. I mentioned that she also has some other issues going on, mainly thyroid, and how soon could we be seen? I was told that she hadn't had her thyroid checked in...hmm....about 18 months! ACK! (for kids with DS, this should be done AT LEAST yearly, more often for her because she already has endocrine problems.) While we're there, I'm going to have the dr. write a letter to Angela's dad about the smoke. He just doesn't get it. He thinks that if he doesn't smoke while she's there, everything is just fine. Never mind the smoke that has permeated all the furniture, carpets, etc.

Tomorrow morning is swimming, but I guess I'll have to wait and see how she feels when she gets up. She's not running a fever or anything else, but the cough is bad. Then again, as in the past, she could have this cough for months and we just learn to live with it......sigh...... Dr. appointment tomorrow at 4:00, so we'll see what she has to say!

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