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Monday, November 30, 2015

The first real snow

Minnesota moms, did you feel my pain this morning? Did you wake before the kids, look out your window to find the carpet white and PANIC like I did?

Tonight! The snow was supposed to start TONIGHT! I scrambled to find the boots. "Where is the big box of boots? I know I took it out of storage weeks ago!"

 While Dean was looking for that box, I was looking for the snow pants. Oh my word, the snow pants! I found bright pink pair of 4t's to shove Audrey's size 6 legs into. I found a pair of black 4t's for Amos (thankfully they're perfect for him!) Asher, who is a size 7, got shoved into Audrey's 5t's from last year. They were black, so they work. Well, except for the very feminine snowflake design that runs up the leg.

When Dean found the box of boots I discovered there has been a lot of growth in the house this year. Everyone was put into boots a size or two too small, except for Abel who couldn't even get his foot into them. Hmm Maybe because his feet grew four shoe sizes this year.

After my pre-op exam I made a quick run to the winter clothing section at the local retail place then dropped off appropriately sized snowpants and boots at the kids' school. Guess what! There were a lot of other moms there, doing exactly what I was doing!

When the morning was finally over I was reminded of this scene in "A Christmas Story".

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