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Monday, November 02, 2015

ICU morning update

Last night Angela had several moments of being able to answer simple questions. Things like "Do you want a blanket?" Or saying hi back to someone. All with her eyes closed.

About midnight I went to a parent sleeping room. I prayed for a miracle overnight. That I would come back to find my girl awake. The nurse told me that at about 6:00 this morning she very clearly said, (eyes still closed) "Its Monday. I need to brush my teeth. The bus is coming." The nursing staff frequently tells her that she is in the hospital, that mom is here, what day it is, etc to help her reorient every time she wakes up. The nurse went to get her a tooth brush and when she came back Angela was out again.

Meanwhile at home Dean is managing with the other kids. He truly is the most amazing dad. The kids woke him up early this morning (gotta love daylight savings time!) So he had everyone up, dressed and breakfast done by 6:45. All that was left was to brush teeth and comb hair, then wait for those beloved buses to come!

Praying we continue to see her wake up. And that she is able to start opening her eyes. She's in there somewhere, trying hard to get to the surface.

2014 was.the year of cancer and Audrey. What label should we give to 2015?

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Tink said...

Holding you in light and love....praying deeply for bodily repairs this morning for Angela