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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

She's HOME!

As I type this, Angela is sleeping peacefully on the couch next to me. She wasn't super thrilled about coming home. You know, at the hospital she has complete reign of the TV, and the nurses love coming in to visit with because she's so adorable. Yeah, I am immune to the cute. Totally over it. ;-)

 Admittedly, they don't often have patients on the PICU who are quite so active and chatty, so I guess Angela was a welcome change. Errr maybe not! She was awake all last night, finally falling asleep around 6:00 a.m. She slept for two hours and was wide awake until 8:30 tonight when she finally crashed. When I arrived at 11:00 am the PICU doctor said it was a "rough night" because Angela was quite wound up. Hmm maybe because she had essentially slept for the last month, and then there was that deep coma-sleep for her first 24 hours in the hospital. She was feeling the best she had in ages! Why would she want to sleep? LOL

The ultimate conclusion is Angela's gtube has changed the way she's absorbing meds, probably because we're dissolving them before putting them through the tube. Slow release meds are being absorbed immediately. Since they got to see first-hand what Angela is like when she's NOT sleeping, the doctors didn't like the idea of her being completely off one of her meds so wanted to start it back up, but at a half dose. I reminded them she's been off all but her seizure meds since Saturday, but they still wanted her back on the one medication. 

I'm just thrilled that our chipper Angela is back. Of course, she is anxious to be back at her transition program but they're on a break through next week. It might be a looooong week keeping her busy! 

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Relle said...

Wow, Leah it must be so nice to have the chatty Angela that you all know and love back. I can't help but think how much God loves us. I know he spoke to you and told you to check on Angela at just the right time. I am always amazed at what you/we can do when we have too. Driving behind the ambulance terrified, but still managing to talk to your sister and keep the car on the road, is so hard in that state of panic and fright. Angela is blessed to have you in her corner as her advocate and your blessed to have Dean, God in your corner. Praying that the new level of meds does the trick and you can go back to your old level of excitement. Hugs, Relle