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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Fall Clean Up

Its a beautiful weekend here in Minnesota. Well, in our part anyway. I hear my parents are getting snow way up north. I personally dread winter so that white nastiness can keep its distance as far as I'm concerned!

We spent a lot of time in the van this past summer, killing time while strangers walked through our house. I cleaned out the van whenever I could, but it has really needed a thorough cleaning. I got new tires on my van today and was a bit embarrassed that someone was doing to actually see inside! Ugh! Abel and Axel love a job so I put them to work.

Asher gave it a try too. 

But he mostly just wanted to climb trees. This boy, he is 
all about climbing and being up high as he can possibly get! 

Can you find some of the other kids in the background?
Audrey and Amos are on the trampoline and Abel is on the swing. 

What do we do with our rotting jack o'lanterns? The deer LOVE them so
we put them at the tree line for a snack as they pass through the yard. 

Axel decided to rake the back patio. As you can see, the little
kids were a huge help said.nobody.ever. 

Amos was the most help of all. LOL

A funny story: 
I wear orthotics on my feet and it can be difficult to find 
shoes that fit right with them. About a month ago I 
wrecked one of my tennis shoes. I was in a hurry to
get out the door and saw this pair of shoes. I thought
they were Deans. They're about 1/2 size too
big for me, which is what I need for a good fit 
with the orthotics. They are the most comfortable 
shoes I've owned since getting them. Only I was mistaken!
They are Axel's old shoes that he has outgrown
Yes, "little" Axel's feet are now about 2 sizes bigger than mine. 
Even more shocking? Abel's feet are even bigger! 
Axel is now wearing a size 8 mens, and Abel is wearing 8 1/2. 

(Yes, Angela is missing from the pictures. She came out to help with the van cleaning up, climbed into the back seat and promptly fell asleep. She went back in the house after a few minutes. I wish I could get her to sit outside with us. She just avoids outdoors lately. We're working on it. ;-) 

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