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Monday, November 09, 2015

Random stuff

Playing catch up here a bit. You know, since I was awol from blogger! So here are some random pics and videos from the last few...ah...months.

We're working hard with Audrey and Amos on table manners. We have a long way to go, but we're getting there. My main goal with Audrey right now is to keep her hands out of her food. She's coming along! (for those who know where Amos was when he came to us a few months ago, he has bypassed Audrey in this area. His hands are out of his food AND his face is significantly cleaner. YAY Amos!) 

Abel has a new favorite job! 
This morning at 8:30 am. he turned 
on the vacuum ....again.

Axel loves to organize various areas of the house.
Everyone needs a teenager like Axel! He also loves
to clean the kitchen, fold towels, feed the dogs 
and take out the garbage. For real! 

Axel comforting Angela shortly after being discharged
after she had her feeding tube put in. He felt so bad for her. 

About 1/2 our house is still in storage and I refuse to 
move it all back in since we're going to put
our house back on the market in the spring. 
However, I finally bit the bullet and pulled 
out all the winter gear. Asher was excited to find his favorite hat. 

We did actually make it to a pumpkin patch! 
It was an unseasonably hot day, which isn't so great
for Angela. We were only there about 30 minutes 
before she faded and we had to leave. We did get pumpkins though!
This picture is from the top of the observation tower, 
which is about 25 feet high. Can you guess
which of the kids weren't happy to be up there? 
Hint: They're hanging on tight! 

Evidence that Audrey got into the kitchen. 

This is why we're working hard on feeding skills. (and not stealing food, as this
was contraband chocolate!) She's still cute as can be!

Back in August, walking the trails near our house. 

We bought this cheap pool late in the season and it never did warm up. 
The three older boys didn't care. They still lived in the ice cold water!

Axel and Angela get to stay up later than everyone else
on the weekends. One night Axel went to bed and hollered up 
the stairs. "Mom. Dad. Abel no!" In other words, Abel 
did something. We walked in to find Abel's pillow had
"somehow" exploded all over the room. Hmmm
Could it be because of the bite marks in the corner seam?
What you can't see in the picture is that Axel's bed is
covered too. It took a long time to clean up those feathers!

August 6th Angela started her first day of 
her Transition Training program. She was SO excited! 

Asher has started taking selfies!

The last couple of years winter has been tough for me. I normally
spend all my time outside in the summer months, soaking up
the sun's warmth and re-energizing myself. The year I needed the sun the most I 
found out I had cancer. How I craved the sun even more! Only when summer 
finally rolled around chemo happened, which means staying out if the sun and heat. 
When winter rolled aroundagain it dragged on forever and ever and ever. 
Surgery after surgery, infections, hospitalizations and just B.L.A.H!!! 
With the growth of our family and a few other needs, 
Dean and I decided it was time for a fresh start 
in a new house. Since showings require we vacate the house, we 
spent the summer in the van with 6 kids, 2 dogs 
and sometimes the cat! We did almost nothing fun because we always 
had pets with us. And when we didn't have showings we didn't feel like
leaving the house. I feel like it was the summer that never was. 
This last picture, taken in July, is a reminder
for myself that summer will come again. The summer of 2016? 

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Jamie B said...

I am absolutely loving following your blog on the family! Such a beautiful family, and what an awesome mother you are! Axel and Abel's room looks so cool. I would have loved that as a child. Hi Angela! I am so happy you are doing better and I can't wait to see you at T+ in a week!! Yay!!