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Friday, April 11, 2014

What makes me smile?

I have so many reasons to smile, who run around our house just loving life. Clearly, God put them here just for that purpose.

Like this guy. Our young man. He's grown so tall, and so cool. 

And these two, off to a teen dance with their friends. 

And all of these people, who were playing trucks on the floor

and this blossoming relationship between the daddy and the daughter who wanted to play too

For these two, who love music and "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" more than anyone I have ever met.

And this guy, smart as a whip, doing things we couldn't have imagined one year ago.

And these smiling faces at breakfast

And when I just need quiet, and time away from all the smiles, and I wake up with this beauty next to me, I'm so very thankful for all God has brought us through.


Becca said...

Just...beautiful, Leah. Beautiful.

Stephanie said...

Love this! I enjoy seeing all the family photos of the kids. They are just great and it's been a pleasure meeting them!

Tigger (aka Karyn) said...

Beautiful pics of beautiful blessings!!

Karien Prinlsoo said...

Is it just me or does Abel look a lot like Dean? Love seeing the photos of all the kids!

Betsy said...

Hope Angela and Axel had fun at the "teen dance" -- thank you for sharing the pictures!

Leah Spring said...

Karien, its not your imagination! Both Abel and Audrey look A LOT like Dean!