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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Angela Ancedotes

A few years ago, before Facebook took over the world,  I used to make a weekly post on a popular Down syndrome forum about funny things Angela has said or done. A friend recently told me she missed the Angela Ancedotes, so I thought I'd start posting them again.

Angela usually choses her clothes for school the night before. I stopped attempting to have input on the decision making process several years ago, other than to encourage her to do it in the evenings. Like any other teenager, she doesn't want mom involved, however trying to make such an important decision in the morning when she is sleepy is just not a very productive process and usually causes the day to go downhill before it even starts.

This morning when Angela woke up, she came walking out to the kitchen were I was making breakfast. Groggy, staggering, and her hair looking a hot mess, she informed me, "I'm not having clothes yet." (translation: I don't have clothes picked out.)

Me: "You didn't pick clothes last night?

Angela "No I'm not."

Me: "Well, you better moving then because the bus will be here before you know it."

Angela: "I'm not."

Me: "You're not what?"

Angela: "I'm not picking clothes right now." (translation, "I can't handle picking clothes right now and I'm feeling overwhelmed with the thought of the task and if I have to think about it even a tiny bit I'm going to be a puddle of crabby tears right here on the kitchen floor.)

I glanced at the clock, did the math and decided to take a chance

Me: "Do you want me to pick clothes for you?"

Angela: "Yes."

Me: "Are you going to wear what I choose?"

Angela: "Yes I am."

As I walked down the stairs I spelled to Dean: "N-O-T"

Angela followed me down the stairs: "S-H-I-T, X, Y, Z!"


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Love it!!!

Dianna said...

That is priceless!!!! Angela is sure picking up on the meaning of lots of things. I'd say she's definitely becoming a regular teenager! Please keep Angela Updates coming, Leah. They absolutely make my day!