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Thursday, April 10, 2014

1 week post op follow up

So, I got all worked up over nothing. Yep. The Oncotype gene test wasn't done. Apparently in pre op my surgeon was just telling me about it, not that they were actually going to do it. If its going to be done my oncologist will be the one to order it.

I am being referred to physical therapy for just a couple of sessions. The lymph node removal under my arm - for which they have to move muscles out of the way - has some slight limited range of motion. Because they messed with the lymph system that puts a SNB patient at risk of lymphedema, so I've been referred to physical therapy for just a few sessions to improve range of motion and get lymphatic massage. (how fun, to get  your underarm massaged. LOL) But, I think this is pretty standard practice with my breast clinic.

Next week I'll be meeting with my oncologist to start setting up my radiation schedule. Discuss what hormone blockers I'll be taking, as well as whether or not I need to have my ovaries removed. I can't take Tamoxifen, which is the estrogen blocker that is most often given so the other option is to remove the ovaries and use a different drug. That and lose weight, because fat stores estrogen and estrogen is what feeds my cancer.

Other than that, all things are good. Incisions look fine. Small infected areas have cleared up without needing antibiotics or anything. Just get it all healed up so I can start radiation. 


Becca said...

I'm so glad everything's gone so well!! :-) And I'll take an underarm massage as residual necessity any day.

Tigger (aka Karyn) said...

Getting your stretch back after them mucking with your lymph nodes does take a while but I have had 3 ops there, lost movement and regained it each time. The human body is an amazing thing. Don't place trust in Oncotypes and oncologist predictions unless they are encouraging!! The same person can get a dozen different opinions from a dozen different practitioners. Your situation is definitely in the "kick ass" category where the likelihood is that after treatment this thing will never darken your doorstep again. I pray this too.