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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Every one of the kids has a different way of communicating. Here's an example of where each of the kids are at.

Abel (combined ASL with some vowel sounds) "Mom. I want drink please." and "I want eat please." and "I want swing please." He mostly just requests his wants and needs. But the other day I was getting ready to give Audrey lunch, and Abel signed "eat Audrey table sit." Its nice to see he is starting to comment on other things besides what he wants.

Asher to Mom: "Want hug please." (Pointing to my lap, or Dad's lap) "Want sit please." To mom "Want Audrey hug please." and his new favorite, "Please cup please wash sink please." (because he wants to play in a sink full of water.)

Axel to Mom who is getting ready to go somewhere, "Mom. Beautiful. Love you." MELT MY HEART! Then, a bit later when we were ready to leave, "Bye! Have fun! Behave."

Angela, in the car on the way home from softball:  "Mom, today at school Sam (not his real name) was mad at me. I told him "Sam, Shit happens. Get over it."

They all make me so proud!


Cindy said...

Love love love this!

Karien Prinlsoo said...

I just love this......espesially Angela's comment.

DandG said...

Axel is such a mensch! I adore him! How much do they communicate with each other?

Stephanie said...

I personally love Angela's comment. That girl is hilarious.

All it took was for the boys to learn that they could and would be able to communicate and they would be loved!

Dianna said...

This is so exciting to see the kids progress!!! And Angela's comment is PRICELESS!!!!!!